So much kindness in such a little box.

It doesn’t get much more practical than Swellway’s original box of kindness. This little, easy-to-carry rectangular surprise is a hugely loving gift for any homeless neighbor you encounter, whatever their gender or age, and whenever the season.

Here, we’ll teach you how to build your own. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to give them away to your neighbors in need. This makes an especially splendid activity for families, friends, schools, churches, and other groups.


Choose how many boxes you want to make.

The first thing you need to do is choose how many boxes of kindness you want to give away. That will dictate how many purchases you order. Since every item you acquire will be sold in varying quantities, buying in bulk is necessary to see the most savings. The more you buy, the less each gift will cost. Using our suggestions below, you can trim your costs down to less than $7 per box.


Purchase the products you want to give away.

It’s time to pack each box with the good stuff. After researching what is most helpful according to those who have both experienced homelessness and those who have lovingly served the homeless, there are 15 purchases we recommend you include in each box of kindness you prepare to give away.

Click each suggestion below for quick links to the best product options, sold in bulk. You may also want to skim our rather lengthy product suggestion checklist for smaller quantity purchase options, seasonal suggestions, and the reason each one of these gifts can help your homeless neighbors.


Finally, pick your packaging—we think boxes are best.

To be honest, our family simply started with gallon-sized freezer bags to package up and share travel-sized goodies with the homeless. But we think boxes (like these 8” x 8” x 3.5” packages) are the extra cherry on top, elevating these little gifts from thoughtful gestures into remarkable acts of kindness.


Of course, there’s nothing special about a box alone, especially a tiny one. While some grown-ups may fondly remember using large, leftover packaging to construct imaginary rocket ships as children, cardboard doesn’t contain some magic power that can lift anyone to the moon. 

But when those boxes contain thoughtful gifts that meet essential needs, all of sudden, they do transform into something more. They may not become rocket ships, but boxes of kindness can help lift others up when they’re feeling down and out. 


In the end, though, boxes can’t do anything on their own. While we personally believe they outlast, outclass, outeverything freezer bags, it’s your action that counts most. Just remember to lift others up with whatever packaging you use.


Pssst, just one last reminder.

These boxes can serve as gifts to more than the homeless neighbors you’re giving them to. They can serve as a friendly reminder to every neighbor that kindness matters.

In that respect, we encourage you to share your story on social media as you give away your boxes. Text is good, photos are great, and videos are even better. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #UnboxKindness and mention @Swellway when you do. We’re listening.