Making a difference is easier than you think.

We’re not some big non-profit organization with an extravagant budget. We’re just a small (but mighty) family of five trying to love our homeless neighbors. This is how we do that, and how we’re trying to #UnboxKindness at scale. Join us.


Start with a box.


Our family simply began with baggies and travel-sized goods from a nearby store. Since then, we’ve made a how to build a box tutorial that’s free for you to follow, too. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Fill it with kindness.


There are lots of things you can fill a gift box with, but most importantly, we encourage you stuff those things with as much kindness as you can. The more practical the gifts you fill it with, the better. Our guide will help.

Give it away.


One of the best thing about these tiny little boxes is that they’re easy to keep with you. Then, when you see a homeless person in need, you have the opportunity to treat them with the kindness you would your neighbor.